Episode 9 of what if has many callbacks. Here are the callbacks we collected.

1)Lemurian Star
2)You heard Cap, Gear Up
3)Saturday Night
4)Captain landing
5)I thought you are more than just a Shield
6)Ego thinking to feed on Peter for 1000 years
7)Tony’s weapon’s business
8)Suit of armor around Galaxy vs World
9)Shuri’s gloves weapon
10)Pub from Captain America First Avenger
11)Dr.Strange,Thor and Beer
12)Infinity stones explanation
13)Thor thinking reality as Loki’s prank/illusion
14)Cloth of levitation suggesting Strange
15)Protection Spell
16)Protection Spell doesn’t stay long
17)Multiple duplicate’s attack
18)Sticky fingers
19)Dr.Strange Portal Entrance
20)Parent’s name = Trust
21)Natasha Riding Stairs
22)Discussion between AI’d
23)Never meant to Win
24)EP 3 Captain America and Captain Marvel
25)Natasha’s Shock Attack
26)Nat and hitting head

You can watch these callbacks in action on our youtube channel. Have a look if you are excited by seeing above list.

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