Episode 7 of what if has many callbacks. Here are the callbacks we collected.

1)Opening Scene
2)Jane view on SHIELD
3)Odin Sleep
4)Heimdall watches everything
5)Treating Earth as backward planet
6)Thor entry on earth
7)Thor and Skurge
8)Skrull transformation
9)Thor is from mythology
10)Thor praising Jane’s intelligence
11)Grandmaster’s DISCO
12)Jane respecting/liking magic
13)Lieing about thor
14)A beeper?
15)Loki as Frostgiant
16)Captain Marvel Entrance
17)Captain Marvel and Thor’s Weapon
18)Thor attck being absorbed
19)Thor’s love for his hair
20)Thor’s Mjlonir hold
21)Flerken cat
22)Loki’s first talk with Jane
23)Jane to Asgard
24)Jane meeting Frigga
25)Dark magic/energy
26)Now or Never
27)You sound like Odin
28)Allfather give me strength

You can watch these callbacks in action on our youtube channel. Have a look if you are excited by seeing above list.

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