Episode 6 of what if has many callbacks. Here are the callbacks we collected.

1)Is it cool to take a picture with you?
2)Give me a gun
3)The blast
4)Decision on weapons
5)Happy Head of Security Promotion
6)Killmonger Bio
7)Kid from Oakland
8)Tony on Arc Reactor
9)Exploring an element
10)Sonic Tazerling Attack
11)Jarvis Recreating a scene
12)Closing all Windows
13)Killmonger Killing Klaue
14)A gift
15)Killmonger is N’Jadaka
16)Sunset in Wakanda
17)Chanting “Yibambe”
18)Blanket Shield
19)Killmonger watching Sunset
20)Stark isn’t the only Genius

You can watch these callbacks in action on our youtube channel. Have a look if you are excited by seeing above list.

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